"CFOP" One Sheet Project.

System For Practicing CFOP Method 119 Case Easy Systematic And Practical.

This product is suitable for?

Who've been trained about CFOP , but couldn't memorize all about that.
Those who is practicing and want to practicing for systematically.
Those who want to have a tool that helps in practicing CFOP.
Those who want to people around you have tool in practicing CFOP.

What's in this CFOP One Sheet Project?

I believe there are many people practiced or be thinking to practicing CFOP , But with the cases as much as it has more than 119 cases , Make those people unsuccessful to memorize all of them, So I invented tool to practice systematically and continued, Eventually I have memorize CFOP 119 case , That tool is "CFOP One Sheet Project" , Or that it is this project Spanning.

Notation Of Rubik
Notation Of Rubik's is , Symbol of Rubik , This tool we will use the symbol as teaching for fit on one sheet of paper , So I make this tool has table Notation for who never know about symbol of rubik.

F2L Algorithms+Setup
Of course , The fist step of CFOP is F2l , In this tool has algorithms and setup of F2L for you can practicing easily , In this tool we have bringing F2l 41 cases put down on one sheet paper , Of course it has the back front.

OLL Algorithms+Setup
In this project , The important barrier is , Bringing Oll algorithms+setup 57 case put down on one sheet of paper , First I can't do that so I change to use smaller pictures and show only yellow page of rubik , And finally all Oll can contained in one sheet of paper.

PLL Algorithms+Setup
The last tool in this project is "PLL One Sheet Project" , PLL has least cases , It not so it not difficult to put 21 cases fit on one sheet paper, Of course it has algorithms and setup.


CFOP One Sheet Project

f2l one sheet 1
f2l one sheet 2
oll one sheet 1
oll one sheet 2
pll one sheet 1
pll one sheet 2

Highlights Of

This "CFOP One Sheet Project"

The previous practicing by watching a video in Youtube , Watch in blogs on internet or print on paper and practicing it , But can't memorize all of 119 case CFOP anymore , Because uneven practicing and not is systemic , But this tool will attracted you to practicing continued until you can memorize all cases in CFOP.
Just a single sheet of paper , You can take them anywhere.
This tool is just a one sheet paper contained informations about algorithms + setup of CFOP all 119 cases, If you practicing about F2l but you want to travel you just have to take this tool just one sheet , Does your practicing do not stop anymore.
The arrangement is appropriate make you continuing to practicing.
On each sheet of "CFOP One Sheet Project" have been arranged information by neatly and beautifully make attracted you to practicing invariably and placement letters easy to read and comfortable, So you do not worry it will be boring for memorize CFOP all 119 cases.
Rest assured, because through proven effective.
I assure , I use this tool to practicing CFOP untill memorize all of CFOP by take less than one month and I belived if I can do other people as use this tool , you can be done.

How To Use CFOP One Sheet Projects?

Talk about the advantages and benefits of this tool for a lot. I suggest we look at how to use it better.

Download File CFOP One Sheet Projects.
When you order this tool and payment ,  You simply download file to your computer.

Print On The Paper A4.
Print all file on A4 paper , Using A4 paper 4 sheets , The first sheet is Notation (print 1 page) , second sheet is F2L (print bact front) , third sheet is OLL (print bact front)  and forth sheet is PLL  (print bact front).

Bring To Plastic coating
If just only paper it be easily damaged , You should bring to plastic coating to increase durability of this tool and to increase lifespan.

Start Practicing continued.
When the tool is ready , Began practicing since the fist case to case 119 practice to each case , Mark to case as you memorized , When you memorize all of them you should review by playing rubik for regularly , Of course if you are not fluent you may have back to practice that case again , So dont throw this tool categorical.

stack one sheetInformation

valid and complete!!!

4Sheets Algorithms + Setup

In this product has 4 files includes Notation , F2L , OLL , PLL Algorithms and Setup Algorithms of them so you do not have to waste time carving Setup Algorithms by yourself

CFOP One Sheet Project

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Questions & Answers

Product look like?
"CFOP One Sheet Project" is file .PDF 4 file include Notation , F2L , OLL and PLL , I recommend you to follow the "how to use" as outlinded above that is print on the A4 paper and plastic coating and then start practice.

Product Can be distributed to the public or not?
We reserve the right this product The reproduction, distribution done for profit. Or for any reason ,You can take them to study for yourself only.

Product has been the way?
When you payment successfully . You can download file instantly from page after your payment is recieved.

What to do when purchased files is missing?
If you file is missing after get product, You can get new file at any time by sent your request to e-mail : thairubik@gmail.com . And we will sent new file to you as soon as possible.

CFOP One Sheet Project

Only 4$!!!